Menstruation should not be painful. If it is a monthly ordeal and it is linked toother issues, then you should find out if the reason for the pain you aregoing through is endometriosis. This test can help to answer your questionsand save you time. The test will confirm if you have endometriosis and helpyou to improve your prognosis.


Endometriosis affects between 10 and 15% of women and 50% of thesewomen are unable to get pregnant. Early detection means that a diagnosiscan reached.

How can the Endometriosis Prebiotest help you?

Sharp pain and heavy bleeding during menstruation can be a sign ofendometriosis or, in other words, tissue that grows outside the uterus whichcan stop you from getting pregnant. Getting an early diagnosis and knowinghow serious the condition is can mean avoiding complex tests and evensurgery in order to get a diagnosis.

Tried and tested

Research on cytokines, immune system measurements, an earlybiomarker that detects endometriosis, has been endorsed in scientificcongresses and specialist journals.

Who is the test for?

  • Women who have the symptoms and who wish to confirm theirdiagnosis without having to go through surgery.
  • Women who are worried about their fertility and who wish to get anearly confirmation of whether or not they have endometriosis and howserious it is. Endometriosis is graded into four levels of intensity:minimal, slight, moderate and severe. It is linked to embryo implantationfailure, abnormalities in ovulation and blocked tubes, amongst otherissues.

A simple test

Endometriosis can be diagnosed using a simple genetic biomarker blood testin order to detect cytokines, the proteins that play a role in theendometriosis inflammatory process.

The tests mean that participants can be given a precise diagnosis and anindication of how serious the illness is whilst avoiding diagnosis throughsurgery.Blood samples can be provided by following the steps on this PAGE or at anyof our participating clinics.


We can extract the necessary DNA from a simple saliva sample:
  • Request the test from the comfort of your home and from any country.
  • We will send you the kit.
  • The kit includes a cotton bud. All you need to do is rub it against the insideof your mouth in order to take the sample.
  • Send it back to us so that we can analyse it.

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