Male fertility test


10% of men have infertility issues and these issues are the reason for the reproduction issues faced by 50% of couples. Genetic factors are amongst the main causes of male infertility but, until now, it was only possible to identify this in 15% of cases. Powerful diagnosis tools are needed in order to do so and the Male Fertility Prebiotest can help you to reach a diagnosis and determine the most appropriate course of treatment. It develops a panel of 78 genes and they are used in order to assess the main genes involved in spermatozoa production.


How can the Male Fertility Prebiotest help you?

It can help to diagnose male infertility because it analyses the main genes involved in spermatogenesis. Diagnosis is essential in order to determine the most appropriate course of treatment, whether this be taking pharmaceutical drugs, performing surgery or undergoing assisted reproduction.

The advantages

An understanding of the reasons for a reproduction issue is incredibly helpful. It can help determine the most appropriate course of treatment and facilitate guidance on reproduction genetics. The test consists of a next generation sequencing panel that analyses the genes involved in spermatogenesis.

Who is the test suitable for?

Patients with semen abnormalities who wish to understand if they have a genetics issue.

People who wish to have children with their partner but who are not achieving their objective.

People who, after having had a number of tests, still do not know why they are infertile.

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