Paternity test


Paternity tests give you the opportunity to confirm the biological affiliation between two or more people. It is an anonymous test that you can perform from the discretion of your home and that allows you to leave doubts in just 24 hours, if you request it, or in 3 days.

Tipo de prueba
Nº hijos a analizar
Nº de padres a analizar

Prueba informativa
Resultados en 3 días

Prueba informativa urgente
Resultados en 24 horas (+150€ adicionales)

Prueba con validez legal
Las muestras deberán de ser tomadas por personal cualificado en cualquiera de los laboratorios convencionados

Nº de hijos a analizar
+ 90€ por persona adicional

Nº de padres a analizar
+ 90€ por persona adicional


With the DNA contained in a simple saliva sample we compare the genetic profile of the presumed father and the child (ren). The test offers the possibility of knowing the link between two or more people comparing their genetic footprint, which reveals the relationship of kinship; Fatherhood, grandfather or brotherhood. Our laboratories have proven experience, are officially approved and guarantee maximum reliability.

Why Prebiotest Paternity is the most reliable and accredited?

The European external accreditors AP plus and Citogenetic European Quality Assessment (CQ) have certified the laboratories and processes of our business group.

What is Prebiotest Paternity and Relationship Test?

It is a simple test with which we compare the genetic endowment of the alleged father and the child to confirm paternity. The mother's sample is not necessary.

It also allows to determine the biological link between two or more people of the same family, such as the indirect paternity test from paternal grandparents.

In just 24 hours or 3 days (depending on the mode selected) you will have the result in your email address.

What determines this test?

By analyzing the biological samples of all those involved, you will be able to know if there is a genetic link between those who undergo the study. The paternity test is 100% reliable if it is not the father and 99.99% if it is the parent.

I want the proof to have legal validity

Sampling can only be carried out by accredited or justice professionals, when an expert report is required. If you want this test to have judicial validity, it is necessary that you personally go to one of our collaborating centers in Madrid, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Albacete, Cartagena, Elche or Benidorm, so that everyone can take samples Those involved.

The test with only conventional informative value, ratifies or not consanguinity, so it can also be a tool for any lawyer.