Clinical genetics

Understanding genetics means that we can enhance our knowledge of each individual, their needs and their specific characteristics. Prebiotest is not merely informative; each individual can access it and take advantage of its clinical and diagnostic function in order to improve their health or fertility treatment results.

We have carried out a number of different research programmes since 2007 and we designed our tests based on this research. As well as the specific genetic analysis, they cover other analysis and diagnosis-related examinations. Our research work has been endorsed by leading scientific journals and medical congresses that ratify their effectiveness and diagnostic efficacy.


Endorsed and accredited results

Our laboratories and the processes that we use in our company are certifiedby AP plus and Citogenetic European Quality Assessment (CQ) externalEuropean accreditation entities. Furthermore, GenQA (Genomic QualityAssessment), the international independent certifying entity, has awardedour reports and genetic tests on embryos the maximum possibleaccreditation.

In-house laboratories

In order to ensure efficiency in our tests, we have in-house laboratories thatspeed up the process and improve the reliability of both the analyses andsample traceability. You will be sent your results without delay and with nothird party intervention. We have a renowned team of scientists and thevery latest technology.


We are committed to carrying out research and providing quality services.Our research work has been published in leading scientific journals andpresented at leading genetics, gynaecology and fertility congresses.

Free genetics guidance included

If you, your doctor or your clinic need an additional analysis to supplementyour results or additional guidance on the most appropriate genetics test foryour particular case, our team of geneticists can give your their non-bindingopinion over the phone or by e-mail.

Privacy and safety

Your privacy is our priority. Your personal and genetic data will beappropriately stored. We comply with all European laws on personal dataprotection. We guarantee that, under no circumstances, will they be handedover to third parties.

Leading clinics prescribe Prebiotest

Leading clinics confirm the reliability and effectiveness of Prebiotest byprescribing it to their patients. The tests play an essential role in respondingto courses of treatment that require a personalised approach. We work withthe very best clinics and doctors. Our professionalism and excellent resultsmean that they place their trust in us.